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Coinmarketcap bitcoin dominance

coinmarketcap bitcoin dominance

Market Cap: 261,826,517,032.00 24h Vol: 101,159,072,497.00, bTC Dominance:.97, market Cap: 261,826,517,032.00 name, market Cap, price. Others, others.22 60.32B, bTC. So I set out to write a small script to fetch the data. At the time of writing this, however, Bitcoin dominance or its share market cap percentage in the cryptocurrency market is now above 50 percent the highest since mid-December 2017. While Bitcoin (BTC) marks yet another day trading in the red, the worlds leading currency is widening its lead in the market cap race, whose total share is now above 50 percent, the biggest since December 2017. Win 979,415.000757 62,453.27 1,294,447,970.40 895 ProChain 979,379.01976 102,184.88 49,562,749 -12.53 896 Fluz Fluz 978,243.21 204,780,000 -20.12 897 Solaris 976,563.582863 3,991.64 1,675,460.59 898 Gambit 975,138.844968 16,806.03 1,154,053 -1.34 899 TrustNote 964,372.003111 85,766.12 309,999,945. Total Volume, search all. Though the script took a little longer than I expected, I think I will save a lot of time going forward whenever I want to do sampling. Images courtesy of Shutterstock. According to popular cryptocurrency trader and owner of investment firm bkcm LLC Brian Kelly, this was the biggest news of the year for Bitcoin. According to CoinMarketCap, the total market capitalization of Bitcoin is currently valued at 105 billion.

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I was using MAC split screen for the same and it was not easy to switch the focus between the split screens. BTC 148.22 24.81B, eTH, eTH.88 13.40B, linear Log, absolute, overlapping. Price Down; Market Share Up, its safe to say that Bitcoin 00 has seen far better days than the last week. Visit the page m/charts/ and copy paste the following code into console to get the relevant data. Losers coinmarketcap bitcoin dominance 8713, total Market Cap, search all. CoinMarketCap coinMarketCap ) has some global charts which help you get insights into the overall cryptocurrency markets. Goldman Sachs are reportedly going to start managing Bitcoin for its clients, responding to their serious interest. Space 587,913.001452 3,760.67 404,980,448.92 1010 Maverick Chain 586,804.005487 89,137.82 106,936,231.75 1011 ClearPoll 571,104.081586 1,636.99 6,999,991.19 1012 EncryptoTel waves 567,733.009138 13,051.83 62,131,190.43 1013 Experty 567,641.020955 47,027.08 27,088,352 -6.50 1014 Patron 564,293.001838 1,330,091.29. Others, others.36 79.73B, bTC. Space 602,114.001487 1,194.73 404,980,448.18 1003 Forty Seven Bank 601,690.,976.75 3,509,535.59 1004 Blocktix 600,216.015005 3,331.30 40,000,000 -1.21 1005 DAV Coin 599,083.001103 7,362.09 542,944,756 -14.58 1006 Lethean 598,131.000931 2,025.06 642,760,108 -0.58 1007 Bezop 597,789.,197.81 38,884,358. Dont hesitate to let us know in the comments below! Recently when I was trying to do sampling from the above Graph for an article about Bitcoin Dominance and the Rise of Others - it was taking a lot of time to get data and it was really irritating. Oddly enough, though, this move was well anticipated and expected.

Space 4,637,010.,042.64 763,655,757.76 521 BlockMason Credit Protocol 4,635,928.03991 636,717.90 116,158,667 -0.60 522 m Token 4,633,129.00706 237,690.48 656,247,608.81 523 Primas 4,630,147.087871 1,658,550.34 52,692,565.27 524 Shift 4,620,443.352852 10,245.85 13,094,565.20 525 coss 4,615,020.038661 69,190.77. Exchange 1,620,371.409335 35,355.78 3,958,541 -9.62 785 DaTa eXchange 1,619,508.021894 32,244.97 73,971,174.64 786 NoLimitCoin 1,605,523.007624 14,532.74 210,579,260 -3.41 787 Omni 1,597,274.841771 13,149.07 562,070.83 788 Humaniq 1,595,219.,836.18 185,286,753 -5.53 789 MyBit Token 1,590,725.021911 33,947.31 72,599,695. At the same time, with hashrate at records highs SegWit adoption continues to grow as its share of all BTC transactions is now above 40 percent, an all-time high. Throughout the period, the cryptocurrency lost near 20 percent of its value. Let me know if it helped you. Total Market Cap 254.23B.02 Past 24H, total Volume 98.53B.77 Past 24H, bitcoin Dominance.44 -2.02 Past 24H. Tom Lee, Co-Founder Head Analyst at Fundstrat Global Advisors, recently noted that rising Bitcoin dominance is a sign that a recovery is in order.

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Online Token 258,821.,303.16 9,121,909 -33.67 1139 Kalkulus 255,628.016265 42,633.83 15,716,470.83 1140 GCN Coin 255,354.000002 1,195.23 168,152,735,000 103.62 1141 Proton Token 252,688.000106 84,562.34 2,393,756,400.51 1142 Aphelion 250,412.005008 3,094.80 50,000,000.76 1143 Webcoin 248,161.006903 2,360,424.24. You can also edit coinsForDominanceand datesForDominancevariables to get the data that you coinmarketcap bitcoin dominance need. You can find them on m/charts/. How CoinMarketCap analyzes data to offer up-to-the-minute updates. CoinMarketCap (Cryptocurrency market cap info). Bs (Jobs in crypto). Maybe to de-clutter the webpage. Maybe because bitcoin will be surpassed by ethereum soon. CoinMarketCap (CoinMarketCap) has some global charts which.

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coinmarketcap bitcoin dominance

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