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Quant interview question binary options trading

quant interview question binary options trading

It's commonly known as the bid-ask difference, and exists because market markers are trying to profit from every trade they make. Quantitative Recruiting Important Mathematical Topics for Quants. Dont use the phrases Markov process, risk-neutral measure or Bayesian inference unless youre prepared to explain these topics. . You do one lap at 30 miles an hour. Describe how all four people can reach the other side of the bridge in 17 minutes, with the following times for each person to cross as follows: Person A: 1 minute; Person B: 2 minutes; Person C: 5 minutes; Person D: 10 minutes. It's the threshold in which the probability that mark to market losses on a portfolio exceeds this value over a given time horizon. In deterministic models, its difficult to model different combinations of values for different inputs to see the effects of truly different scenarios.

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Start off with the basics a clock, which is a circle, is 360 degrees. Gamma is important for maintaining a delta neutral position. The AIC 2 k 2 ln( L ) where k is the number of parameters in the statistical model, and L is the maximized value of the likelihood function for the estimated model. There is only one flashlight. Even if the underlying asset price remains unchanged, the option delta for an in-the-money option increases as expiration nears; the opposite is true for an out-of-the-money option. . Each one corresponds to one of three lights in the attic, but you cannot see the lights from where you stand. Vega falls as an option moves to become in-the-money or out-of-the money. Being well-versed in areas such as algebra, calculus, statistics, and probability are a must in securing a quant job. Talk about the valuation framework, and how you might forecast future prices using a Monte Carlo simulation technique. . It is possible to buy and sell stocks in any amount (including fractional amounts there is no restraint on short selling. What is the probability that I flip this penny 5 times, it will come up heads at least 2 times?

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Successfully navigating an interview for a quant job can be as much about explaining how you think as it is knowing the right answer. If you ask the lying guard, he will lie about what the other guard would say. Walk me through the derivation. Note that future volatility may or may not resemble past quant interview question binary options trading volatility. If one holds 1 units (i.e., sold short one unit) of a derivative f plus df/ds shares, the change in the value of this portfolio over time t is equal to: If the stock price can.

the basis of Black-Scholes is Itos Lemma, which explains the process of stochastic behavior. So for a room full of k people, the probability that at least 2 have the same birthday is: 1 365! Variables that are quant interview question binary options trading distributed lognormally include stock prices and (typically) interest rates. After one year or 110 foreign currency units after one year. . So whats going on? Moody says that JPMorgan tends to interview candidates with. How many do you have to pull out before you have matching pair? A company has ten machines that produce gold coins. But if you ask him: If I were to ask you if this door were the correct one, what would you say? If youve completed a lap at 30 miles an hour, then to have driven a mile on the mile-long track, youve already taken two minutes. Random walks are not stationary,.e., where you are in the walk depends on where you were immediately prior to your last step. .

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Basic Personality/Standard Interview Questions, in any interview, expect the hiring manager to request that you walk them through your resume. Alternatively, you could ask one of the guards whether the other guard would say that Door 1 is the correct door to enter. Chocolate bars are mostly consumed by people between ages 5 and 70; each of these people may consume approximately 12 to 20 chocolate bars a year. W is a Wiener process. . You and your friend go out to dinner together, and the bill. Are you more risk-averse or risk-seeking? .

What is the Sharpe Ratio? A light that is off but has a bulb that is still warm to the touch is connected to the second switch. It is calculated as the covariance of the two variables, divided by the square root of the product of each variables variance (i.e., the product of each variables standard deviation). . Therefore, you cannot average 60 miles an hour over the two laps. The probability out of 5 flips of getting 0 heads: (probability of getting 5 tails) (0.5)5.125 The probability out of 5 flips of getting 1 head: (probability of getting 4 tails) (probability of getting 1 head) 5C1 (0.5)4 (0.5)1 5C1 (0.5)4 (0.5)1 5! An intelligent questionwhether about how something is modeled, how portfolio risk is calculated, or how an asset is valued can go a long way to proving that you are the type of employee who will be engaged. Monty Hall problem: Assume that I tell you that a prize is behind one of three doors. . You are given 9 marbles that look the same, but 1 of them weighs slightly less than the other. Now we know the hour hand moved.5 degrees, so the answer.5 degrees (90-7.5).

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What is Black Scholes? It is the proportion of variability in a data set that is accounted for by the chosen model. . Correlation of residuals is known as autocorrelation, and can be checked by calculating the Durbin-Watson statistic (above). . If you attempt to model two series that are both time-dependent (say, consumption and income you will get a spurious regression,.e., a model with a high R2, but poor predictive properties. . What is your favorite class that you took? This question has been asked for decades; the answer is much simpler than many think. . Each hour on the clock represents 30 degrees (360 degree clock divided by 12 hours).

If you each pay 14, youre paying 14 for the meal AND the tip. What is a variance quant interview question binary options trading swap? Brownian motion originally referred to the microscopic motions of a small particle floating in a liquid; if stock prices move in a similar way, then the random increments or price changes will be normally distributed with an infinitesimal variance. After 5 minutes, turn off the second switch, leaving the first switch. If the probability that the prize is behind Door 2 is 1/3, but the probability that the prize is behind Door 1 is now 2/3 (with the new information that the prize is NOT behind Door 3 then. Value at risk measures the risk associated with losses on a specified asset portfolio. A quant trader may be asked to quantify how much they've earned from trading, says Leon Devereaux, commercial director at NJF International. A variance swap is an instrument that allows investors to trade future realized (or historical) volatility against current implied volatility.

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This is because both series are non-stationary. . One of the many possible approaches is to start by looking at the total.S. Akaike Information Criterion: From among a set of models, the Akaike Information Criterion (AIC) suggests the preferred model as the one with the minimum AIC value. . How can you indicate which coins came from which machine? You may also asked to explain how you went about calculating. It calculates results over and over, quant interview question binary options trading each time using a different set of random values chosen from the probability functions. . ( n r )! .

Are you at a loss for words? . In order to cross, a flashlight must be used. The price of the futures contract can change prior to delivery; in order to guarantee that neither party defaults on the obligation, both participants must settle daily price changes as per the contract values (daily margin) in addition to posting an initial margin. Birthday problem: Whats the probability that in a room full of k people, at least 2 people will have the same birthday? Keep your answers focused, but include relevant techniques you might incorporate into solving a problem, and be prepared to explain how youd use such methods. Nonetheless, there are some basic concepts you should be familiar with; even if you havent taken a finance class; we have detailed those below. Population is approximately 330 million (the population in Manhattan.6mm; check the figures for the city in which youre interviewing). . When a position is delta-hedged, the daily P L on a delta-hedged option position equals: Daily P L Gamma P L Theta P L Vega P L Other where Other includes the P L from financing. The five-gallon jug has 2 gallons left. The probability of getting 2 or more heads in 5 flips.75 .25. How is realized volatility different from implied volatility? Add it all up and it comes to 15 each, for a total. A forward FX rate is an arbitrage free rate at a future point in time T that takes into account the riskless rate of return that can be earned in each country in local currency over the interval. .

Note that for non-technical questions, it is not just the content of your responses that mattersjust as important is the manner in which you verbalize them. . However, they are designed to test your ability to think through quantitative problems. Okay, you probably know this, but it's a common question, and not simply for fixed-income quants. Stock prices follow geometric Brownian motion with constant drift and constant volatility. In order for at least 2 people to have the same birthday, this means that 2 or 3.have the same birthday, which is the inverse or complement of none of the k birthdays in the group being the same. . You are also given a balance scale. The game starts with 21 cards on a table. Interview Preparation Overview, are you preparing for an interview for a quantitative role and have no idea of what to expect? Put another way, the means, variances and co-variances of the walk change over time. How fast would the car have to travel for the same 60 mile distance home to average 60 mph over the entire trip?

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The truthful consultant would answer yes (if its the correct one or no (if its not). For example, with weekly stock prices: Stock Price Log Return Log Return (decimals) Week 1 100 Week 2 107 ln(107/100).06766 Week 3 92 ln(92/107).15104 Week 4 88 ln(88/92).04445 Std Deviation.10936 Frequency of data: Weekly, or 52 weeks in a year. Monte Carlo simulation performs risk analysis by building models of possible results by substituting a range of valuesa probability distribution for any factor that has inherent uncertainty. . Spreads are the difference between the price in which a market maker will purchase a security and the price that a firm is willing to sell. Risk neutrality lies between risk aversion, or a focus on safer investments, and risk taking. Durbin-Watson statistic: the DurbinWatson ( d ) statistic measures the presence of autocorrelation in the residuals. . The first trip took 2 hours (60 miles / 30 mph). . Walk me through your thesis.

Non-stationary behaviors can include trends, cycles, random walks or combinations of the three. . Futures are traded on organized exchanges, and use a clearing house to provide protection against non-performance to both the buyer and the seller. . It is to demonstrate that you know a lot, and you know how to work with the knowledge that you do have. What is delta hedging? You can turn the switches on and off and leave them in any position. Start with the fact that the.S.

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The total meal cost. . If I have data from, whats the danger if I build a model forecasting values in 2012 using all of the historical data? Give me an example. Even if you dont answer a specific question correctly, talking about other concepts youre familiar with during the interview process may give you an opportunity to redeem yourself. Often, the steps taken by a stock price are assumed to follow a random walk. . Only two can cross at a time. What does VaR measure? What is a random walk? Those returns, he says, would need to be measured against the risk they've assumed in order to achieve them. You are faced with two doors.

No color was specified so after choosing three socks, two should be same color. Option trading strategies that are particularly Theta-sensitive include Calendar Spreads, where traders maintain a net positive Theta by buying longer-dated options and selling shorter-dated options, profiting when the underlying stock remains within a tight range. When the implied volatility of an asset is zero, the future price is known with certaintythere is not a distribution around a mean value. . There is a difference between forward and futures prices when interest rates are stochasticin other words, when they vary unpredictably over time. . The value of d always lies between 0 and. .

where n is the number of items to choose from, and r items are chosen. . What are Vanna and Volga? Depending upon the number of uncertainties and the ranges specified for them, a Monte Carlo simulation could involve thousands or tens of thousands of recalculations. The, sharpe Ratio measures risk over returns and is calculated by subtracting the risk-free rate, from the rate of return for a portfolio and dividing the result by the standard deviation of the portfolio returns. A lognormal distribution is a distribution of values that are positively skewed (versus the symmetric distribution of a normal distribution). . T-Statistic : In a least squares regression, the t -statistic is the estimated regression coefficient of a given independent variable divided by its standard error. . In this case, an investor would be indifferent between borrowing in foreign currency at todays spot rate and earning a higher interest rate abroad, since the rate at which he can contractually exchange the foreign currency for.

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Gamma reaches its maximum value (at a given time) when an option is at-the-money. Only variancethe square of volatilitycan be replicated with a static hedge. When asset prices are correlated with interest rates, futures prices will typically be higher than forward prices. Its importance lies in its ability to determine the value of a bond. It is calculated by 1) taking the standard deviation of the log returns of an asset and 2) multiplying this value by the square root of the frequency of the data. How do you feel about waking up early or staying up late? In order for you to average 60 mph over the entire trip you would have to travel for 2 hours (120 miles / 60 mph). . You and your friend each pay 15 in cash which your Waiter gives to the Cashier. A model can be constructed that may perform exceptionally well during a selected period of history, but structural changes over time may mean that a model that worked well in the past may not work well in the future. . He would be forced to lie about how he would answer, and say yes.

With non-stationary variables, one needs to transform them into stationary series; the easiest way to do this is by differencing, or looking at changes in the series. . What is a Monte Carlo simulation? For example, a firm would need to assess the profit and loss for a quant trader with a 50 million book compared with someone managing twice that amount. Under what cases are the prices of the two contracts the same? Results show not only what could happen, but also how likely each outcome. Or, he or she may want to see which areas of your background you choose to focus on, and how effectively you communicate. . There are no transaction costs (the market is frictionless). Realized volatility is the historical annualized standard deviation of an assets log returns. . The random walk is a non-mean reverting process that can move away from the mean either in a positive or negative direction. . In a lognormal distribution, values may not go below zero but can have unlimited positive potential. . Turn on the first two switches and leave them on for 5 minutes.

Twenty-five pairs of 51 1,275. Fill the five-gallon jug again, and pour 1 gallon to the three-gallon jug. Typically, an investor who sells options (and is short gamma) and is delta hedging should make money if future realized volatility is lower than the volatility that the option was priced with (its implied volatility). If the DurbinWatson statistic is substantially less than 2, there is evidence of positive serial correlation. and the other leads to the exit. Here, then, are 10 questions you could be asked during an interview. You and your opponent alternate turns, and during each turn, a player may pick up 1, 2 or 3 cards. In other words, the Gamma shows the option deltas sensitivity to market price changes. . Say you are driving on a one-mile track. An R2 statistic is a measure of goodness-of-fit, also known as the coefficient of determination. . Volga (sometimes known as Vomma ) is the second derivative of the option value with respect to a change in volatility; in other words, it measures the rate of change in Vega as volatility changes. . However, dividends can be taken into account by subtracting them from the risk-free rate, assuming that both the dividend and the risk-free rate are continuously compounding. Knowing some elementary financial concepts shows an initiative to get yourself up to speed in your desired industry.